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(noun) In our list of interesting wordscharientism is by far the most sophisticated. A charientism is a gracefully veiled insult. It is a sly, back-handed compliment in all its glory. An example of a charientism is: “Your haircut really slims down your face.” This sneaky rhetoric is usually used to soften the blow, but in an elegant manner.

I will be very sad if I wake up tomorrow and can no longer truly say I am British. I mean, obviously, I still will be, but it won’t really be a real thing any more #bettertogether (also have an early journey with my flatmate who voted yes, so either way it turns out I’m in for an awkward journey.)

Scotland is a great country - my thoughts on independence (1109 words)

Scotland is a great country. I don’t mean ‘great’ in the sort of colloquial way we use it today, but in the old way, when it was used to describe kings.

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By Feng Wang

By Feng Wang

You’re a woman and that’s good. Look like a woman.
— Danny Castellano (The Mindy Project)